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For any given construction project a construction client’s role is by far the most important one. From an organizational point of view he/she is the one who commissions the construction project. This position must be manned and its duties, rights, and obligations must be clearly defined. But it is also very important for a construction client be put in a position to carry out his or her tasks properly.

Thus a construction client assumes overall responsibility for a construction project and in most cases must also ensure that the completed building is suitable in its entirety for its intended use. This overall responsibility is becoming more and more firmly established in many legal systems, which also means that the construction client’s position is at the very top of the pyramid of liabilities.

The goal of the World Construction Client Council is to contribute to further developing the sphere of the construction client. This initiative does not stand in opposition to existing activities in the construction industry, but complements them by adding an essential element.

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