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The World Construction Client Council is a non-profit foundation whose goal is to reinforce the role of the construction client and to formulate ethical and organizational standards for construction clients and to efficiently communicate these standards.


Due to an ever-more complex environment it will be increasingly difficult to implement construction projects successfully. Additionally, the market offers only traditional methods and scopes of services, while future-oriented forms of organizations and services are missing.


Thus the number of construction projects, especially those large-scale projects showing a negative development, continues to increase. That leads, in turn, to a loss of tax money in public-sector projects as well as a lack of value enhancement or even value loss for private companies. What is even more serious is the related loss of confidence, which is one of the main reasons for the severe lack of investment.


Through its activities, the World Construction Client Council makes a contribution to ensuring that construction projects are better prepared and carried out, as well as that, in general, more construction projects are successfully implemented.




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World Construction Client Council
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